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Wish you could teach a machine to extract and process information from large quantities of unstructured text files? Well, look no further!

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Say hello to intelligent process automation

With Auto-Pilot you can build your own data processing flow to handle your text files such as emails and pdfs. We use powerful Artificial Intelligence techniques to teach the machine to understand and process your files exactly the way you want.

It's not magic, it's AI

Applying Natural Language Processing techniques to your text files enables you to interpret, extract and export information - without a single line of code.

Classify and extract

The machine teaches itself by mimicking human interactions.

Start small, scale fast

As the machine handles more data the accuracy and confidence levels improve.

Auto-Pilot loves unstructured input

Human typed text is often randomly structured, full of abbreviations and typos. Not a problem for Auto-Pilot!

Collaborative Intelligence

Every file is a valuable piece of information and should be treated as such. We let the machine prepare 90% of the work, but let the human press the final button.

Human in the Loop

Stay in charge of your operations. Auto-Pilot's interface clearly visualizes the machine made predictions.

Never stop learning

Every human adjustment or correction is tracked in order to improve the machine's performance.

Connect and export to everywhere

Whether you want to set up a simple Excel or multiple sophisticated API connections, with Auto-Pilot you can export to virtually every destination.

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"With Auto-Pilot we are able to process our daily flood of emails within hours instead of days. Besides saving time we also get access to our commercial data much faster."


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