Processing documents by hand?Cut 90% of the work with Auto-Pilot

Loads of information is shared through the exchange of documents. It still remains a tedious task to plough through piles of documents. We need to change that.

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Full layout functionality

Work with your data in its own recognizable layout.

Multi-stage processing

Be able to link multiple intelligent processing steps together to tackle compound documents.

Connect with an API

In order to speed up your processes, we provide a strong API connection.


Get clear insights into the key information from your documents with our dashboarding solution.

A new approach to document processing

Documents come in many shapes and sizes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for applying useful automation. We like to start small and gradually scale up while keeping the human in the loop.

Human-first interface

Auto-Pilot is praised for its clean and comprehensive interface. Unlike the competition, documents are not stripped to plain text. Being able to clearly see the table or column structures leads to better training and faster and more accurate validation.

Auto-Pilot side-by-side interface

Data normalization

Being able to classify and extract information is one thing, efficient post processing is another. We use multiple customizable techniques to translate, parse and normalize data. Only usable data is leaving our platform!

Auto-Pilot data normalization

We let the numbers speak

But of course it would be much better to see it for yourself

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